Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Makes My Blood Boil...

The more I read into this article, the more upset I got. Imagine if the Singapore Immigration had treated an innocent U.S citizen this way. Wow! I cannot even begin to articulate what might happen... it would be on CNN; the American would interviewed on every network news... Singapore would be condemned by Americans. Yet, has this country heard of ANY unjust practice as such?! What a joke! Just ask any 'alien' about their immigration experience. Everyone's got a 'bully story'!

S'pore man's ordeal at US immigration: CUFFED, CHAINED, THROWN IN JAIL

WHAT was to be a business trip turned into a hellish nightmare for a Singaporean marketing director.

Click to see larger image
Mr Ronald Wong with the tag which displayed information about him. --Picture: LIANHE WANBAO

He was interrogated, handcuffed, chained at the feet, and even spent some time in a prison facility. He was detained in a holding cell, slept in a prison bed and also ordered to work in the jail.

It was Mr Ronald Wong Yoke Kheong's first trip to the United States. His flight landed in Houston at 8.30pm (local time) on 4 May. He saw two police officers at the plane's exit door, checking each passenger's passport as they disembarked.

The 49-year-old marketing director, a seasoned traveller said: 'I thought it was just a routine check. But the two officers stopped me after checking my passport. They took me aside, and said they wanted to speak to me.


'I still wasn't worried because I thought they just wanted to ask a few more questions before letting me go.' He did feel the glare of other passengers as he was led away by the two officers. 'The officers didn't even allow me to collect my luggage at the belt.'
Mr Wong had to hand over the luggage collection slip to the officers while he was escorted to an office.

He had left Singapore on 4 May, a Sunday, on an early morning flight to participate in a trade exhibition in Houston from 5 to 8 May. After that, he was scheduled to go to New Orleans, and Canada, and was to return only on 17 May.

Mr Wong said he travelled regularly for work, about three times a month, to various countries, including China, Japan, India and the Middle East. But these were usually short trips which lasted five days at most.

On the US trip, some of his clients had been on the same flight as him.

At the Houston airport, Mr Wong was taken to a room with glass windows, It had only a table and a few chairs. He noticed that the officers outside were all armed.
'I was still not worried, as I knew I didn't commit any crime.' But alarm bells started to go off in his head when an officer ordered him to remove all items from his pockets.

'I was allowed to wear my watch, but I had to hand over my handphone, my wallet and check-in luggage,' he said. The only exception was the cash in his wallet. He had about USD$7,500 ($10,250) as well as some Singapore money.

Mr Wong was then taken into a room next door, where he would spend the next 19 hours under interrogation.

'I asked to make a call to my company and wife to inform them, but the officers didn't allow me to,' he said. 'They started to ask me a number of questions. I gave my answers readily as I knew I was speaking the truth.'

Mr Wong said he was questioned about the purpose of his visits to all the countries reflected in his passport, where he stayed in those countries, whom he met on his business trips, and if he had bank accounts in these countries.

'They repeated the questions over and over. It was exhausting, but I answered all their questions,' he said. Mr Wong, who said he could be hot-tempered at times, remained calm throughout the interrogation process.

'I didn't allow myself to lose my patience. I told myself that I was in foreign territory and it was best to co-operate and not antagonise the local authorities,' he added. He said he was questioned by at least three shifts of officers who worked in pairs. 'I felt like a piece of meat in the microwave,' said Mr Wong of his being grilled.

He said he was not given any food, but was allowed to drink from a water cooler and to go to the toilet. But his every movement was watched.

Mr Wong said at one point, an officer who introduced himself as a CIA officer also questioned him for about four hours.

After 19 hours of being questioned and going without food, the worst was yet to come.

'The next day at about 3pm, two prison officers came and wanted to handcuff me and shackle my ankles,' he said. 'I asked them why, but they said it was the standard procedure.'

The handcuffs and leg cuffs were chained together.

'It was very humiliating to be treated like a convict. The leg cuffs hurt and I had to walk like Frankenstein since my movements were restricted,' Mr Wong recounted.

'I couldn't even hold up my hands to scratch my nose.'

But he told himself to stay calm, and hoped his colleagues in the Houston office would look for him when he didn't show up for the exhibition. He said he usually called his wife and secretary to keep them informed of his whereabouts when he travelled.

He was put in a van and taken to a prison, where he was told to change into a blue prison uniform. He had to hand over all his possessions, and was put in a holding cell with four benches with about 20 other people.

That was when he started to feel a real sense of fear.

'I was starving, I didn't know what was going on. I started to think maybe I would end up there forever, for a reason I didn't even know,' he said.

He said he was there for about 12 hours before he was taken to another cell with nearly 60 other prisoners, where he was given a bed.

At one point, he was ordered to work with the other prisoners on some chores, but he refused.

'In all my travelling experience in the past 20 years, I have never been in such a situation. I wondered if it was a case of mistaken identity,' he said.

He counted the minutes as the time passed agonisingly by in the cell. After another 24 hours, he was given back his clothes and taken back to the detention room at the airport.

'The questioning continued. And my requests to make phone calls were denied,' he said.

The hours wore on and Mr Wong grew more weary and despondent.

Finally there was a glimpse of hope when he was told the Singapore Embassy wanted to speak with him.

'I was relieved that someone knew about my plight, and I asked the embassy official to inform my wife.'

The embassy official asked if he was all right and how he had been treated.

At about 10pm, three days after his ordeal began, Mr Wong was told he was to be deported. No reason was given to Mr Wong for his detention. His belongings were returned to him, and he was escorted by two police officers to his seat on the plane, which was scheduled to depart at 11.45pm (local time).

'It was very humiliating to be escorted onto the plane with the other passengers staring. I wasn't even allowed to hold my own passport,' he said.

But he was finally allowed to call his wife.


'I just focused on having my freedom back and going home,' he said. 'I was thankful the Singapore Embassy helped secure my release so quickly.'

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman confirmed a Singaporean was detained at the Houston Airport and that the Singapore Embassy in Washington had provided the necessary consular assistance.

But Mr Wong's ordeal did not end when the plane took off from Houston. When he was in transit in Moscow, he was escorted from the plane by two Russian police officers and kept under watch. He was later also escorted onto the Singapore-bound plane.

He finally arrived in Singapore on 8May. He was escorted by two Singapore police officers after he got off the plane. After he cleared immigration, he met his wife who was at the airport.

Until today, Mr Wong does not know why he was detained. He said he has written to the US embassy here for an explanation.

By Heidi Khoo
May 20, 2008
The New Paper (Singapore)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Einstein Me!

Guess what I did this time being in Memphis... no, I didn't lock myself out of the house... or in the house for that matter. Even more unforgivable, after being home (in Seattle) for three days, I realized yesterday that I'd left my entire bunch of keys back at our Memphis house. Yup, my car keys, keys to the apartment here, the mechanism to get me into the building, the mailbox keys... and of all my keys to the house in Memphis. Tsk tsk... what is going on with my head?!

Fortunately, my very understanding husband has an extra car key, made an extra set of apartment keys when we moved in and only (well, not ONLY) but spent the non-refundable forty five bucks to get me another of that gadget thingy so I can come into the building... sigh. ...if this situation was presented to my dad, I would now be six feet under lol!

It really is time to get rid of the house in Memphis... any takers!? :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 06:13 so very sleepy - didn't get enough sleep but gotta' get some cleaning in before the realtor gets here...
  • 07:43 awake and about to meet the realtor...
  • 09:21 wonders why we have to do all the work and pay the realtor 6% commission to 'sell the house' lol
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wanna Be Our Realtor?!

So we've decided to put our house in Memphis on the market for sale. It's a big house for two of us but hey, it's Memphis. Most people can afford more house then they need here. Singaporeans and Seattelites would salivate looking at the prices and the size of the houses here!

Ok. I wanna know why realtors think in this day and age of online mls accessible to anyone and their dead aunt, that signing them up to be our real estate agent means merely showing the house and giving some common sense advice? I mean, we're quite clear about not living here any more; ie, we are not here (ever) - other than the few days every now and then we return to check if the house is still on it's lot lol. So when you suggest we do a few things to the house like paint/recarpet; and we consequently tell you we're leaving in three days, I expect you'd want to volunteer your services - like 'sure I'll open the doors for the painters' or 'let me know what I can do while you're gone' - after all, at this point, you have not gotten the job...

We've decided to price the house on the lower end 'coz well, we don't want to do most of the work lol... we didn't buy the house to make money but we sure don't want to give it away to some lucky folks... I think the husband's decision of the asking price is certainly more than fair. But I just think that if I'm gonna' pay you a hefty commission, you'd better do more than just put a 'for sale' or 'sold' sign in front of the house and get a little feedback from people who view the house. That's a pretty easy 6% commission of up to $24k if you ask me!!

So if you're a Memphis area realtor... wanna really work for some money, do well with communicating via phone and email, well, you've got a new listing in our house... :D

Tweets for Today

  • 06:52 packing and getting ready to head home to memphis... maybe (bad weather in tx)
  • 08:24 @desertstar - why are you not twittering
  • 08:28 @frankarr - hope you're resting and feeling better soon to twitter
  • 08:49 On the plane - off to dallas
  • 12:04 just landed in dfw
  • 13:20 off to memphis - oh joy! - i can't contain my excitement! Not!
  • 14:18 still not taken off - people are getting restless and we're being offered wine lol - sorry ass aa!
  • 14:21 @knots - don't be so sensitive - i'm sure you're surrounded by people who love memphis lol
  • 14:41 more delays - this is seriously cutting into my laundry plan upon getting home - those sheets HAVE to be washed before we sleep tonight
  • 16:41 in memphis - dinner plans canceled - where to go now
  • 17:06 Omg bruce just got dissed by his mom again lol
  • 19:08 AWESOME!! after taking winnie with us to the taping of 'the big bang theory' yesterday, she is now IN the industry LOL! too cool!!!
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Starting My Birthday Week In L.A

Tomorrow, I turn 38... hmmm... how do I feel? I don't... it's just another birthday I suppose. I think I'm actually quite happy being 38. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to be 28. I was certainly a happy 28, but it was still during the uncertain dating years after I'd met the king... I was still in school (lol), tired of partying, didn't really know where my future was heading, if I would marry the man of my life... so I'd say I'm happier, more comfortable being 38. Hopefully, if everyone in their 50s have been truthful, I'm supposed to be even happier, even more confident when I'm in my 40s. That would be something to look forward to.

--------------- MANY HOURS LATER ----------------

It's 50 mins into my 38th birthday and I've already received a ton of birthday wishes. Even my father has called - that was so sweet of him. Of course, he called yesterday and I told him I was in L.A and today he asked me if I was having fun in L.A and I said, 'oh, I'm in Memphis' lol. He can't keep up with us lol - I told him not to worry since I can't keep up with us either lol. We had a very nice conversation... mom's out of town so all she has in her mind are slot machines... I'll speak to her in a few days - besides, why shouldn't she celebrate!? Her first born has just turned 38! :)

The week's started with a big bang... lol! The two full days in Los Angeles was a blast! It was good to see the king's friend, Matti, again, as well as meeting Dave. It was nice to be able to take Winnie (my childhood friend - well kind of childhood... I was 15, she was 9 LOL) on our little adventure on the taping of the Monday night comedy "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS at Warner Brothers Studio. Not only were we put to 'work' once we met Dave, the executive cum writer at the show, as Mandarin interpreters and translators for the writers, Winnie actually got a gig from the producer (earlier today) to do it for at least a week coaching Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to do some Chinese pronunciation! How cool is that?!?! I'm glad we were able to inject some fun into Winnie's life after this experience. Considering she wasn't exactly a big fan before the taping, I think it's exciting just having the prospects of having to deal with new folks - she moved to L.A after being a New Yorker where all her friends are to help out in her mom's business. We laughed about how merely a day before when we were hanging out, she insisted she wouldn't date men from 'the industry'. Now, men can reject her 'coz she's been 'in the industry' LOL!

It was fun to meet both Sheldon (Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and (don't you laugh!) shake their hands and take pictures with them. I mean, ok they're simply ordinary young guys who happen to be actors, but hey, we've been following this sitcom since day one! So it was cool to see them 'live' in action for a change! Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is soooo much slimmer then she looks on tv - wow, the myth about how tv puts ten pounds on you is a fact!! She is also prettier in rea life :) ...and both Wolowitz (Simon Helburg) and Koothrapalli (Kunal Nayyar) both seem really playful off the set - not with me mind you lol but you know, you can tell they're big jokers and fun guys... I also saw a very attractive Indian lady hugging on to Koothrapalli back stage after taping :) I can't wait to hear real stories from Winnie about the guys soon. I know she only has to work with Jim but still... she'll have the inside scoop lol!

Watching the taping I learnt one important lesson - it ain't easy being an actor! It's not just the lines... and it's not just worrying about messing up your lines... it's more having to keep cool when someone else messes up their line... and when the director keeps making you play the same part over and over again. I can't imagine me being in this profession (or any profession for that matter lol). I'll end up calling someone dumbass before the first take is over LOL!.

New experiences on this trip in L.A - had a chilli dog at the 'infamous' Pink's (where there is constantly a line outside, no idea why...), shopped at the Bape store and actually found a bunch of stuff that both of us liked a lot (Bape & Spongebob stuff), went to little Bangkok and had awesome Thai food at Ruen Pair in Thailand Plaza and got my ass burning up - yes, literally(!), stayed at the Custom Hotel by the airport which was pretty swanky (especially for a hotel near LAX) with a hopping bar (even on a Monday and Tuesday evenings); but it has one of the more creepy elevators I've ever been in (the bloody thing whispers weird things to you when you're in it and really, it made me jump quite a few times - I was not amused!! The hallway was always dark and smelled like death... ok maybe not death... but it didn't smell pleasant. Nice big comfy king bed though :) ...oh, and for the first time, tried frozen yogurt from Pink Berry - it's good - as good as Red Mango! ...I think that's quite a lot of firsts two less then 48 hours..

We're in Memphis now. It's pouring outside. Happy birthday to me :D

Tweets for Today

  • 05:31 heading back to bed... it's too early to be on in l.a - still dark outside... :)
  • 08:31 @desertstar - welcome to twitter :D
  • 09:44 Getting ready to start my day
  • 11:35 Hanging out at starbucks in santa monica until echigo opens
  • 13:27 echigo was pretty good - mass/value omakase
  • 13:29 echigo was pretty home - mass/value omakase lol ok that sounds bad
  • 16:43 At warmer brothers for tour and taping of the big bang theory
  • 18:09 Omg i'm on the set of the big bang theory and i just shook sheldon and leonard's hands - awesome!
  • 22:35 Just done at big bang theory taping - is was awesome!
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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 03:03 packing for l.a
  • 05:19 Off to seatac
  • 06:03 at our gate - again, waiting...
  • 06:10 Why are they boarding our 7am flight at 6:08am?
  • 06:25 I have the Most kiasu ang moh husband in the world
  • 06:40 Ironic: two dumbasses talking over me - on different rows - one just said the guy on his last flight wouldn't shut up - HELLO?!?
  • 09:19 Just landed at lax
  • 11:32 Just had a Pink's chilli dog - ok what's the big deal? Shultzy's is better - but now i've been to Pink's
  • 12:29 The L.A Bape store is pretty cool - got a bunch of stuff hee hee
  • 12:52 Hanging out at Matti's office - he sounds like my dad making deals over the phone
  • 13:42 Always fun to see Matti - now off to the hotel
  • 14:52 At Custom Hotel - pretty ok - the a/c is kind of loud but the king bed is comfy
  • 18:50 Dinner plans got canceled now trying to find a good place in hollywood/little bangkok for good thai food since there isn't any in seattle
  • 20:18 Having dinner in thailand plaza at ruin pair then heading across to bhan kanomthai
  • 20:49 Omfg my ass is on fire from serious spicy thai food roflol
  • 21:54 Bruce is taking me on a super nice car ride
  • 22:48 back at the hotel after a very nice day - bruce sure is making this birthday week starting with a big bang! :)
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Monday, May 05, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 00:32 sorry ass saturday night... glad it's over and now sunday!!!
  • 01:14 off to bed to watch some tv, still not that sleepy
  • 08:50 awake... laundry time...
  • 11:12 going to chiang's for lunch - i'm a happy camper!!!
  • 13:58 tired of small living quarters and tiny laundry room!
  • 21:58 back home from hanging out with don & susan and dinner with the family
  • 22:31 had a fun and funny phone convo with wendy in sg
  • 23:14 reading my friend's blog about her drive from pakistan to the uk... awesome!
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Seriously! What Is My Phucking Name!??!!

For the last two years, around May 8, there will be an entry about a certain card I receive. I'm not a sentimental person when it comes to greeting cards. So if you're ever thinking of throwing your money away to American Greeting or Hallmark, just give me the money; never mind the bloody card. The worst are people who buy a card and say nothing but sign their big fat name on it. I think it's lame and insincere. Why bother!? I know not everyone's a poet, but you know, if you pen down a couple of sentences yourself, it'll mean so much more to the other party!

ANYWAYZ, it's May again and I got yet another beautiful (NOT!) homemade card from my ummm... my father-in-law's (fil) wife. She's not my mil - I already have an original one. I am only associated with her 'coz she's married to my fil. Ok, that being cleared, here are the two previous cards she sent me in the previous years. From 2006 and 2007. Go figure!

This year, I got an all-time special card, yup, as usual, addressed to Mrs Bruce Ryan like the last two years (I cannot roll my eyes enough)... I opened the card and this is what I see:

Who the phuck is KARIN!? Again, my name is K-A-R-E-N... I don't know how they spell it in hell but this is how MOST regular earthlings spell it; or maybe she's misunderstood what spellcasting means lol! I suppose at least she's stopped calling me Sharon, some girl who works/owns some store she shops regular at... but come on already!! Seven years into how long she's known of my existence and she spells my name with an 'i'??? She must think 'coz I'm Asian, putting a twist to my name would sound like dropping pots and pans down the stairs to make it sound Chinese... dumbass!!! I'm starting to wonder if she's doing this for laughs... I know the husband sure gets a kick out of it every year!

Tweets for Today

  • 00:12 bingo! 9 mins off - bruce is making 'dinner' at 12:10am LOL
  • 06:56 awake and getting ready to go to some boating thing... no idea what's going on...
  • 08:11 Having breakfast at shultzy's sausage
  • 10:46 Watching the Windemere Cup at the Montlake cut
  • 12:18 Back at Shultzy's just hanging out
  • 18:25 off to charity trivia night at shultzy's
  • 19:06 Wow sold out crowd at shultzy's for trivia night - there is now a crowd of people wanting to get in!! Cool!
  • 19:30 no trivia night for us - not enough space for us - dammit!
  • 19:33 no trivia night for us - not enough space for us - dammit!! Just dinner at shultzy's - sigh...
  • 22:04 home... no comment
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Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's been awhile since I've encountered the dormitory setting. Not since 1992 after graduation from Bay Path College in Massachusetts. It was a fun time living amongst American girls, learning their habits (good and bad), dreams, relationships, superstitions, culture... Most of the girls who went to BPC were from neighboring states... Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and of course, Massachusetts. There weren't that many International students when I was there, I was the only one of two or three from South East Asia... a few more from Japan and a few exchange students from Europe. But it was a good time of my life... curfews during my first year, I remember how excited I was when I was a sophomore and could come and go as I wanted lol. *Of course, if you're out past 2am, the gates were locked so you had to find yourself somewhere to sleep till 6am the next morning... fair enough... though the amount of money our parents spent on us there, I think they could have at least paid for another security guard to let us in lol!

So yesterday, I volunteered and went to help a friend's daughter move out of her dorm room. The moment I drove onto the Northwest University campus, memories came rushing back. It's also a small college like Bay Path and not overly crowded. Of course, by this time, most students have left (moved out) so that's an unfair judgement. But the last uni I went to was University of Arizona where everyday was a crowded day; even in the scorching summer days, it was like Shibuya Crossing in the middle of the desert lol! ...upon walking into the dorm, the smell of hair products, soap, caucasian girls walking around barefooted (I don't know why they like doing that...), familiar friends saying goodbye, the on-going sounds of the hoover and/or hair-dryer, posters on the walls, communal bathrooms... WOW! I felt like a 20 year old all over again!

It was nice, the reminder... but I sure am glad to be out of college (sooo glad!) and married (to a wonderful man who only SOMETIMES drives me insane - but not as insane as when my floor-mates thought sharing clothing was a right - I can share many things I own... but maybe 'coz I didn't grow up with sisters, I do not believe in clothing /bag / shoe swapping thank you very much. I guess it was all part of being in a women's college dormitory...

Memories... good memories... I have no problem leaving them behind however :D

Tweets for Today

  • 00:19 off to bed while my video is uploading onto youtube
  • 00:52 ok seriously off to bed NOW since bruce is up from his beauty nap and denies he can't go back to sleep LOL
  • 06:34 awake... but probably heading back to laze in bed...
  • 09:48 fell back asleep - now well rested
  • 10:38 getting ready to head out to kirkland to meet ong family :)
  • 11:39 off to kirkland...
  • 13:22 In katrina's car on the way to her new apt in bothell
  • 14:34 Done with moving - now heading back to nw uni campus
  • 15:06 At meza getting hummus and pita bread
  • 15:52 home home and hungry like a hippo!!!
  • 20:18 catching up with emails and waiting for the king to wake up for his beauty rest
  • 22:04 had laksa for dinner by myself... i KNOW bruce is gonna' be asking for 'dinner' at midnight... i just know it!
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Friday, May 02, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 01:38 up with a headache and can't get back to sleep @ 1:38am
  • 03:22 still awake... arrgh!
  • 07:55 just woke up *yawn* and has to rush out of the house with the car by 9am so the parking spot can be cleaned
  • 10:26 hanging out at shultzy's - had breakfast and relieved finally wireless connection
  • 10:48 off to alderwood mall for SECRET mission HAHAHAHHAA!
  • 18:37 watching the awesome asian awards on E!
  • 19:31 shouldn't have fed bruce dinner so early - now he wants to sleep @ 7:30pm again lol
  • 20:17 time to make myself some dinner while bruce is out cold :)
  • 21:59 late dinner was yumz - ate in bed next to a snoring bruce and watched miss congeniality lol!
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Travels... And More Travels...

Well we went and we’re back. Five days in Japan was ‘da bomb’ as usual and we did all the eating, drinking (and eating again) we could. One new experience with yakiniku... a big realization for me, I do not like yakiniku - who'd have thunk it?! I like fancy Korean bbq... not the regular yakiniku (Korean bbq) lol! Go figure! Apparently, when you tell someone in Japan you like yakiniku, it means you're gonna' be grilling mostly innards (hormones). YUK! No thank you!! :D Sorry Julia, I love you and all but no hormones for me again LOL! Next time, we'll take you to our 'yakiniku' place and nope, no innards but be prepared to have some seriously yummy beef :)We got to see everyone we’d planned to tho’ Otsu-san did fall sick right before our night out drinking and going to the arcade. I became honorary boy for boy’s night out lol and it was quite fun to see why the king loves hanging out with his li’l Japanese musketeers lol! Fun fun fun! I even got to meet the husband's sake-class pals - David and Paula whom I really enjoyed and had fun at Sushi Cho...

We’re back here for a few days. We’ll be heading out to L.A in a few days for a taping of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Have you seen that sitcom?! It’s funny! A sitcom about scientists and engineers – yes, geeks. Unfortunately, no hottie on it but hey, I’m a fan so I’m just excited to be invited to this taping. We’ll also take advantage of being in the city to see a couple of friends and of course, good food hee hee.

After that, it’s off to Memphis. Yup. I’m celebrating my birthday in Memphis. Surprised!? Of course! I am!! I don’t think we have anything planned for the day itself but on the 10th, we’re having a combined sushi dinner/karaoke birthday party night out with our sushi gang… so yes, Joelle (also celebration her birthday), David, Dr DeWane, Sharon and possibly, Billy (lol), Chiu, Mike, Kelly, the king and I… and who knows who else is around to go join this craziness. I’ll try to stay sober enough to get a video, if not at least a few pics to show you how insane it gets, but if it’s not, well, I’m sure you can imagine a bunch of Americans, Asians and if the kitchen help comes Mexicans LOL! No, I don’t think they will come :)

Tweets for Today

  • 05:58 wide awake after 4 full hours of sleep
  • 07:53 can't find anything good for breakfast... :(
  • 08:23 it's official - i have cold arrgh! caught in on the o'hare-seatac flight
  • 14:49 took a one hour nap... still tired but i think the bloody cold is gone :D
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