Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Love Facebook!

Even though they're making us use the new version of Facebook (fb) without choice very soon; and I don't love it, I still think the concept of fb is simply awesome. I don't know what is it with myspace that didn't stick with me (maybe too many adds and too many sleaze-balls lol) but no complaints from my end!

This past week alone, I've found a classmate who went to school with me when we were just twelve years old. Ok, not just any classmate but we were in the same classroom for that entire year! Yes, she sat towards the back of the class and I, of course, being the diminutive 4'10 3/4" sat right smack in front where I mastered the art of avoiding each teacher's flying saliva. Ewww! I could not remember her at first... then less then 24 hours later, in the shower no doubt, I had a eureka moment and went 'of course!!!'. I not only remembered who she was, I remember what she looked like and I think I even remember her parents, for some odd reason. Now, she's a mother of two, a biologist and hot damn(!), living in Vancouver, Canada! We're planning to meet up when she and her family heads over here in November... how cool is that?! :)

Then the amazing 'people you might know' pointed out a person whose name seemed awfully familiar. I thought for awhile, sent him a note and voila(!), it's my neighbor from when we were barely teenagers! Now, he too, is a father of two and living in Los Angeles :) Funny thing, I just found out from checking out his fb page, that we know a bunch of people in common, not the least, a friend in Seattle too! What a small world :D

I can't imagine who else I'm going to find and vice versa. No crazy psycho ex-boyfriends I hope but I didn't know that many of those other than the stalker I put in jail; so I think I'm pretty safe lol!


The New Low said...

I love the connection, too, although I don't think I'll end up as fortunate as you to reconnect within such short distance. My ex found me though. Bleah!

James Noel Ward said...

uhhhh, i am really really afraid to hear the stalker-put-in-jail story. but on your next trip here (or us there) i'm afraid you'll have to tell it. like a car wreak you can't look away from or the old quip "If you can't say somehting nice about someone, sit right here by me." these are the delicious tales of degredation and horror that so entertain us from a distance. happily in your case that distance includes cell doorss and rebar reinforced concreat walls.

Karen said...

lol ling, maybe 'coz my ex's can't wait to run away from me, never mind try to look for me... so take it as a compliment - muahahaha

james - yes i'll definitely tell you my stalker story when we next see you and chantana... curious eh? stalker, gun, jail... and a cute investigator to top it all; ok maybe you're not interested about that part lol.