Thursday, May 26, 2005

Compliment Of All Times

As you know, I've kept up with my swimming for the last couple of months... no, I'm not reporting of ANY weight loss... but something, I suppose, almost as good.

Well I've been saying 'hi' to this lady who's always got a smile on her face when she gets to the pool. Usually when I'm on my half way mark of my day's swim kick boarding. Well, we finally got into a conversation yesterday since she got there just as I was done. You know, the usual how- are-you-fine-you-good-nice-swim-yes and the likes. Yesterday, the conversation took for a turn getting a little person. She asked me how long I'd been swimming and she told me how much she loves the water and how someone at the 'Y' had actually taught her how to breathe (in the pool, of course lol). Then she ask 'how old are you?'. '35' I replied. Her eyes got BIG and she laughed. I thought you were like 18 and home schooling that's how you come to the pool every morning. EIGHTEEN!? I haven't looked eighteen since I was... 25!!! So you know I was happy... it made my day! I never understood why people liked looking young when I was in my 20s. NOW I KNOW hee hee.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Perfect Guest

My frien, Li, who now lives in San Diego arrived last night at midnight after missing her connection in Houston to Nashville (they were gonna' put her on the flight to Memphis but her checked-in luggage had already left for Nashville... uhhh, what happened to security not allowing luggage to travel without the passenger?). It was great to catching up over some bbq from the Germantown Commissary... one of her main purposes of taking that extra hour drive from Jackson (and of course to see moi lol). We haven't seen each other since she left Singapore in 1996(?). Even Bruce woke up 30 mins upon her arrival and joined us in our chit chat and gossip. Okay, mostly gossip. We stayed up till past 2am... waaaayyyy past my bedtime! Poor Bruce had to be in school at 8am to proctor an exam.

I got up this morning at about 5:15am, made some prata and chicken rendang and at 7:15am, both Li and Bruce got a sumptious breakfast (big treat for Bruce lol). Li left for her 9:30am meeting in Jackson at 8:15am and I went on my morning chores.

Now if only I can get family and other friends to do short trips like that lol.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well, after my last ourburst and an email to Tim Price the coolest lawyer in town, I feel that INS is even more full of crap then ever before. Guess what? Tim got me my renewal stamp (when he went to the INS for a meeting today). What does that say???

Apparently, the old black man with the salt and peppery hair is known to be the uncooperative type. Why the hell does he still have a job!? Why hasn't anyone beaten the shit out of him? He needs to realize that he can't treat us foriegners like shit... oh the thought of him makes my blood pressuer rise. Stupid son of a bitch!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

All Of a Sudden...

everyone looks like Steven Segal in Memphis. So it's said in the local papers that Hollywood star (well, kind of ex-star I suppose) Steven Segal has moved about a mile from where we live. Don't ask me why. Some hot Southern chick must have lured him here lol. Now, everywhere I go, I think I see him... a younger version of him at the grocery store, at the gas pump at Sam's (LOL), an older version of him today at the 'Y' while I was swimming. Think I'm going insane... and I'm not even a fan!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Husband...

...isn't it amazing how when you're dating the man of your dreams, hoping you'd be able to spend the rest of your lives together, you really don't realize just how special he really is? I know because after being married for more than three years, he still never fails to inject this oh-my-gawd-he's-amazing! kind of feeling in me. No, this feeling is outside sex lol. Sure, we argue and we have difference of opinions... but that's normal and never lasts long. The things he does just to make me happy...

Over the weekend, he managed to, on his own, move (I can't say carry 'coz that is not possible for one, two or even four men to do) our dining table (on his hands and knees, with his back!) so that my new rug can go underneath it. Of course it couldn't have waited because I have a friend coming to visit next week. My gawd, can you imagine if I were him!? LOL. That rug will be sitting there for years!!!

He's as forgiving as I am greedy hahaha. And you know just how greedy I am... I swear, I must have been the Dalai Lama in my past life or something (not the Pope lol). I certainly did something good to deserve him... Thank goodness for my husband, I am a much happier me.

Monday, May 16, 2005

INS Makes Me Have Road Rage!!!

First of all, I HATE THE BLACK MAN WHO WAS WORKING AT WINDOW ONE at the Memphis INS. No, that didn't make me feel any better but I had to say it.

As you all already know, I have been going through this darn getting-my-green-card ordeal. After being married to an American for more than three years, not only have I not received the physical Green Card (GC), today, that asshole tells me it's too early to renew the sorry ass stamp on my passport that represents my temporary GC. It expires the first week of July. It's May 16. That means I tried to renew it within 60 days of the expiration. Okay, he says it's too early. So I asked... when can I go in to renew it? He claims during the week of July. "During the week of WHAT?!?!?!" Okay, that made me sick with anger. So I asked, "what if I'm travelling?". The idiot said that I had to go in with the purchased ticket to PROOF that I will be travelling. If there was no window there, I swear I would have reached in and slapped the color out of him. Proof? I don't have to proof crap to his black ass or anyone!!! I'm a legal resident and all I want is a damn renewal stamp because the INS can't get their act straight and send me my card!!! This is a sorry ass temporary green card for crying out loud!! I'm not asking him to sign over his mother's sorry ass life. Gawd!!! So I asked (calmly, or at least I think I did) 'can I come next month then?' He repeats himself about something; by this time, I'm red with frustration and anger. Son of a bitch loser. Proof!? Gawd dammit!!! Who the phuck does he think he is?!

So I sped home and drove like a maniac. If anyone had stopped me, that would have been IT! Thankfullly for them, the bad drivers of Memphis couldn't give a flying phuck about yet another bad Chinese/Mexican/Filipina (they don't damn ass know what the phuck I am and no, they don't care either).

I think we have to move somewhere... somewhere where there are less idiots at least. This country... this city especially. Sad to say, Memphis truly is just mobbed with people like this black guy. I'm going again next week. Hell, if I have to, I'm going every week just to waste their time. I have nothing but time to waste. Maybe they'd see me enough and get tired of me and give me the damn stamp. Hell, maybe I might get lucky and get someone with half a brain... yeah right!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

American Idol

He's finally out!! Ugly, not-that-talented, Mr-not-that-nice-guy, pain-in-the-ass, biggest showoff, thinks-he's-gawd's-creation-to-women is finally out of the American Idol. Phew!!! I guess all the black people who have been voting for him have decided to vote for the REAL black person, Vonzell, who is really good, talented and nice. Good riddence Scott whatever-your-last-name-is.

Next week, Anthony's turn.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

White People

On my way back from the 'Y' this morning, I saw this white dude jogging... ok, let me say this... if skinny people put in the claim that fat people have to cover up their layers of flab, then I saw white people need to either cover up their extremely white legs or get a tan real fast. Those white legs should be kept in the confines of the house thank you very much! Those pair of legs I saw today was so white they were practically transparent lol.


well, my weekend... or should I say, my less then 48hrs in Rio Vista, California was worth every minute I was there. The food... oh(!) was just out of this world for me... nasi lemak for breakfast and a wide array of homecooked Singaporean muslim food for dinner... I learnt to make most of what was cooked and especially my favorite dessert, onde-onde. Still can't get over how easy it really is to make.

Of course, I tp'd (tah pow meaning doggy bagged back home) a whole bunch of food back for Bruce; yeah, he was my excuse lol... not that he hasn't been enjoying it. We have a little left which we will definitely finish off tonight. Yum!

I was dropped off at the airport on Sunday morning a little early (the family had a full day of excursion planned) and I figured it shouldn't be a problem. I mean, Sacremento, the state's capital should have a decent enough airport, right? NOT! It sucked! I got to my gate a good two hours ahead of time and all they had was a lame bar and a newstand. Wow... even the small airport in Tucson, AZ and hell, even here in Memphis we have a MUCH nicer and bigger airport. ...and people think Memphis is lame-ass lol. Well, it ain't no paradise but it beats a lot of rural California. Now I don't feel so bad about being in TN.