Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My First Cross Country Adventure

Considering the longest 'car-ride' I've ever been was from Dallas to Memphis (actually that was the longest I'd ever driven - never again!) and our annual drives up to New Orleans for Christmas, this drive out from Memphis to Seattle sure is going to be interesting, especially for me. I'm sure I wouldn't want to be in a car after this long long loooonnngg ride but at least I won't have to drive unless I get really good about not falling asleep - yeah right! Like the king always claim, I can't even stay awake to get past Memphis city limits LOL!

We're hoping to get to Seattle by New Year's Eve to have a little 'party' to bring in 2008. Our new home has an unobstructed view of the Space Needle, so it wouldn't be right not to share it with our friends. Of course, after three to four days confined in the car, we might not be capable of staying up welcome the new year lol... oh I'm sure our friends can certainly enjoy the fireworks without us lol!

Time to get some z's and get ready for the ride tomorrow :) Wish us luck!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

We're Heeeeeere!!

Yes, we've moved to our little 'temporary' apartment, unpacked and pretty much settled-in within three days of the movers arriving. Pretty good for a bunch of amateurs; except, with the adrenalin drained out of him, the husband is now down with a bad cold :( Nonetheless, between sipping hot tea and orange juice, the king is up (at an ungodly hour for him) building our side tables just purchased a couple of days ago from Ikea. Isn't he simply awesome!?!

Tomorrow, we head back to Memphis. We're going to stay a couple of days, see some people, eat some bbq then take the cross-country drive back here with my car. Good riddance to rental cars in Seattle! That way, I can start driving around and seeing all my girlfriends I want to see who live out in the suburbs with the help of my faithful gps :D Exciting!

Happy new year to all my friends who visit my blog out there! Thank you for all your support. Keep the comments and suggestions coming. I do appreciate them all. Yes, even the crappy ones lol!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh Dear...

For those who don't talk to me on the phone or chat online regularly, you must think I've disappeared from the face of this planet - not a bad thing for some of you, I know :) Too bad for those, I'm still kicking it and very much alive lol.

Hmmm... what's been going on since our 6th wedding anniversary more than a month ago... I suppose not much if you don't count how many miles we've accumulate in a short 45 days. ...and to answer the question most of you would like to know most - have we moved!? No, actually, as I write this entry, I'm still very much (physically) in Elvis land in my awesome red and black kitchen. But it won't be too long before we make the move. Not too long at all!

It's been good to catch up with old friends in all the cities we've been to recently, made new ones and of course, tried more restaurants you even care to know. Asanebo in L.A is definitely worth mentioning however.'s been a lot of fun but the last ten days between flying back from Tokyo to Memphis, resting for two days and heading out to L.A and back (four days later) to Memphis for a mere sixteen hours before heading to Seattle for a half day, twelve-hour trip and back to Memphis this morning, I can safely say for the both of us, 'we don't want to see another bloody plane... for at least 72 hours' :) After that, you never know with our warp sense of adventure... if opportunity arises for us to head somewhere (more) cheaply and/or exciting, we're off, moving or not :)

The husband's got a boys' weekend coming up and I'm diciphering between staying back to do some light packing or going to see girlfriends in this continent (sorry for those not here) or even a long lost friend whom we recently caught up on Facebook and realized he's now settled in New Jersey, of all places. I don't know... either way, to catch up with friends away or here, I will be occupied.

It's twenty days to Christmas. We haven't got any lights up this year neither have we made concrete plans for the upcoming holidays. Hmmm... how unsettling :) Of course, we don't know where we'll be (yet) so that's a little tougher to decide what we want to do. Christmas invites are out but sadly, we won't be able to attend at least one of them in Seattle... (no invites from Memphis, as per usual LOL). I'm sure everything will turn out fine... at the end of the day, as long as we're together with good friends, we'll manage to have yet another good holiday season gone by.