Friday, April 29, 2005

How Greedy Am I???

VERY! Imagine, I'm taking the 5pm flight this evening to Sacremento, arriving at 11pm to go for a feast that my girlfriend's mom (who's in town visiting for a few weeks) will be cooking for tomorrow evening. Yup, I'd be in California for two meals. No shopping, just plain visiting with my friend and the entire family and especially stuffing my face. Ahhh, food glorious food!!! I don't know what I'm in for (yet) but I know Nora's mom will be using the kaffir lime leaves she's ordered me to bring to good use. Hopefully they'd be leftover to bring home for my sweetiepie.

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm Only Half A Woman!?!

...yesterday, after I lectured my still-cheating girlfriend about her extramarital affair, she decided to attack me with the only thing she could imagine to say to upset me. It didn't upset me... it just confirmed doubly to me what an idiot she is (outside the fact that she's chased her husband out of the house, is cheating with a married man and she, herself, has two kids under the age of 6).

She claimed that as long as I never have kids of my own, I will never be a whole woman. That's right, she said it... she of all people?! The mother who told me how she wished she never had kids?! I didn't remind her of the statement she made... I kind of let it slide since I gather she certainly isn't of whole mind if she's put herself in this stupid situation she's in. I told her that if that's for real, then I'd live my life being half a woman. I can deal with it. Besides, any more of a woman and gawd knows how much heavier I might really be lol... any more of a woman, poor Bruce might suffer physically lol. I'm all woman and I certainly don't need crying babies or changing diapers to confirm that. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

But yeah... this particular cheating girlfriends of mine I should just track down the dude's wife and tell her what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, Singapore isn't like Memphis where somebody knows someone who somehow knows someone you know.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Indoor Pool Closed!!!

In the midst of the thunderstorm, I found my way at the 'Y' this morning; slightly proud of myself while I found the parking lot even less crowded then normal at seven in the morning. I thought to myself how the pool would be mine, all mine(!).

To my slight disappointment, it wasn't a quiet day at the pool. The two older gentlemen (who are expert swimmers, by the way) were already doing their regular laps. The water was colder then normal and I began my first 20 freestyle... at lap 10, I was stopped. "Ma'm, there is lightning and we are closing the pool for 30 mins". I got out of the pool in dismay and then wondered why the hell they were closing an indoor pool. The young lifeguard explained that while it is safe IN the pool, the 'deck' ie, the area around the pool, isn't safe. HUH? She was told to close to the pool so it's not her fault. But what does it mean? The deck isn't safe for the lifeguards??? It's enclosed. It's like being at home in my kitchen... hmmm... doesn't make sense to me at all.

So my swim was disturbed and I'm clean and showered. Nah, not going back to the pool. I guess I'd go on the threadmill later today (if I remember lol) and hope no thunder/lightning will accompany tomorrow's rain.