Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All Better

After flying into Memphis and catching a cold on the plane, I spent the first evening with my laogong sniffing and resisting some coughs. I woke up the next morning to more serious sniffing and real dry coughs. Yuk!

I wasn't feeling all that bad... but yes, I had caught a cold and I couldn't deny it. My treatment, lots of water, my Chinese yin qiao cold tablets and set off to the gym for a 'switch class'.

It's the day after and I'm all better. Weird. Considering how mom freaked out when she heard that I'd gone to the gym with a cold. She claims people in Singapore have died from that... of course, she's also the same woman who warned me to stay away from crazy people or they will strangle me HAHAHAHA!

I'm all better and ready for Hong Kong in a bit.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Home... and sick arrgh!

It's sooooo good to be home. Truly. Being away from the husband for a full 13 days has been quite an experiance. Not just the seperation anxiety but having to be independent when I travel on my own is just annoying. You know, the usual having to fill up the forms before I gain entry into a country and little things like that. When I'm with 'the man', all I need to do is sign at 'x'. I don't have to worry if I have my documents 'coz he deals with them... I have zero responsibilities when I travel with him and stress free.

Yes, I had a wonderful time with my now-19-month-old-niece, EKT. She's adorable, mischievous, hilarious and a pain all at the same time. Scary thing is, she's soooooo much like me. My poor brother lol. We even make similar facial expressions and I don't even live with her for her to know I do that!!! Genes... scary how that works. It was nice that my brother brought the nanny/maid... it was cool not to have to cook, clean or even do what I usually enjoy doing - laundry :D It was nice to have my half boiled egg ready when I opened my eyes and mom would crack it lovingly for me. I say lovingly 'coz honestly, I did appreciate it and I know she loved doing it for all of us - seriously! She'd serve it to me with two pieces of my favorite Hup Seng crackers (lol). That is the life! It was nice to have EKT's very hardworking nanny have the laundry all nicely ironed and folded on my bed daily and my baby brother... wow, that baby's-daddy is a really good cook!! He specializes in one-dish pasta meals. I can't say he'd disappointed us at all in all the times he cooked. So you see... as much as I missed being with the husband and wished he was there enjoying little EKT with me, I can't say I missed doing what I enjoy doing for him day in and day out hahaha. Ok, that came out bad... but now that I'm back, I do look forward to being a wife all over again. Yes, it's good to get a break (shuddup, all off you who complain about what a good life I already have) every once in awhile to be my mom's kid all over again.

My long trip to Oz only confirmed how much I dislike the country and even more, the people. Wow... I didn't think a whole city could be made up of more rude, lazy and annoying people; but it really does! If you think you get rude and bad service from Asians here, try going to Melbourne where the Asians there don't work for a tip hahaha! It's BAD! Cab drivers are mostly Africans and Indians and they're usually alright and pretty friendly though quite a few of them seriously need to think about taking a shower... but ALL the Aussie drivers we came across SUCK!! They are so rude! Salespeople are nothing like the ones in the US - once again, the not-working-for-commission makes a ton of difference.... and the flies... my gawd the phucking flies! It's only spring and they're out with a vengeance. YUK! You'd think that a bunch of assholes at the airport who stop you from bringing dirty shoes into their already dirty country would be more concerned about what these flies are doing instead. Noooo... we get sniffed by dogs at the airport, questioned rudely by jerks (I have been to Australia a lot and not once have I been treated like a dignified human being, I swear!!) and made to get our bags scanned and checked for fruits, plants and crap when we enter the sorry ass country (yes, everytime so don't even think about bringing ANY thing you're not supposed to) and then get mistreated by their country's unwelcome people as well as the similarly unwelcome pests. Don't these people know we come to spend money in their damn country originally made up of criminals?!?!

It's gonna' be awhile before I have to step foot into that country again. Next week, destination Hong Kong for Thanksgiving where we'll be seeing my baby brother who will be there as well :) Life is good :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Day In Airports And Planes

It's November 2 and with mixed feelings earlier this morning, I left my laogong and started my trip to Australia to see my family. Why mixed feelings? Well, I'm really excited I'm going to be spending some quality time with my now 18 month old niece, Emma. But that also means being away from Bruce... and having to spend a full day at MEM, DFW and LAX before I finally take my final flight out to MEL late tonight and arrive two days later (due to time change and of course, forever and a day on the plane itself) on Saturday morning. Does that mean I actually skipped a day of meal? Which means I can formally pig-out when I get there? Ok, no, but I will anyhow lol.

This is the first time I'm going to be away from my husband for more than eight days since we got married some five years ago. Okay, five years and almost a week :) Will I live? Yes, even though he said I shouldn't have to cook a bunch of stuff amd freeze them or prepare anything specially for him while I'm gone, I did (last minute). I showed it to him this morning and there were no complaints - so I think he was pretty happy and contented. Thirteen days away... never mind him... will I survive the seperation anxiety?! Can I live with my family for thirteen days? It's been years and years since I spent anything more than a week with them :) No, I'm sure I'll be fine... thank goodness for skype, free international calls, webcams and emails.