Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kids... YUK!

We went to a 2 year old birthday party last night. Well, hardly a party considering it consisted of the birthday girl, her 4 yr old sister (who had a friend over), their patents, gramma, uncle Bruce and me. We were only there for a little over an hour but boy did it feel like an eternity! Thank goodness for Pizza Hut - and I don't even like them lol.

The kids were acting up, the birthday girl was stuffing her fingers, then her hands into the birthday cake, the digital camera didn't work, the video camera didn't work... the bloody regular camera had no film... I was afraid mummy was going to kill daddy who'd just got home from work minutes before the cake was brought in my gramma who was an hour late. It was like a train wreck I could see coming from a mile away... wow... why do people go out and put themselves in this misery (and have kids)?! Sure sure, all parents say they love love love their kids and wouldn't have it any other way. Of course they do!! They can't bloody hell give their kids away?!

As usual, we left the kids in shock (us not them). No matter what, we always seem to leave kids' in shock and all we can mutter is 'oh my gawd' and 'thank goodness we have no kids' for the entire drive home.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

American Iron Chef Sucks!

Only because I don't see Bobby Flay as a real celebrity and I certainly don't see him as a chef. He's creative with his damn sauces and that's about it. What's the big bloody hoo hah about this guy?

Mario Batali is good and a real Italian chef. Professional. Of course there is the real Iron Chef, Morimoto. But who in the world is Flay? ...and southwestern cuisine!? It was simply unbelievable when he beat Rick Bayless!?!?! Talk about a load of BS!

No Sleep & No Sex For Yang Yang

Do not be mistaken. As much as my Chinese name is very close to 'Yang Yang', it is not me :)

Growing up in Singapore, whenever pandas are mentioned, we always know it's Yang Yang. Ok, maybe not growing up but it certainly is a familiar panda name.

China sure has been making a lot of money with 'renting' their pandas out. Even here in Memphis, we have Ya Ya and Le Le. Trouble is, in what condition will these animals go home? No sleep, no sex? These must be the only things out of China not ready to follow in the footsteps of her citizens to procreate... just like when they tried to introduce 'social enrichment' to Ya Ya (from Beijing) and Le Le (from Shanghai). Neither was interested in one another. A sniff or two and both headed towards towards the opposite direction. We know how those friendly Chinese are!!

According to a UK newspaper article, it's been so unseasonably warm in Vienna that the Pandas in the zoo are performing unusual acrobatic skills.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mind Your Language

You'd think as a reporter, no matter how bad a slip, he would get his spoken English more precise. It's actually quite funny to me. Horrifying to some, I'm sure... and I guess in some way, it is to me... but funny nonetheless.

"Rob Blair of KTNV-TV was delivering the extended forecast Saturday morning when he said: "For tomorrow, 60 degrees, Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Day, gonna see some temperatures in the mid-60s."

Las Vegas weatherman fired after on-air racial slur

Hello? Lucky?

Lucky is the adorable black pug we have back home. He is the cutest, smartest, greediest little boy. Well, he's no more a little boy considering my sister in law's always telling me how old he's getting; it's very depressing but I try not to think about it too much. But here is a product, well, not really a product yet since it's not for sale but it will be someday and I could actually call Lucky whenever I want to. OK, not that I don't now and have mom hold the phone for him... still, cool idea!

Gizmodo : PetsMobility PetCell

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Survive This!

How stupid and greedy do you have to be to believe that the IRS will not come after you when you've won the million dollar race on national tv and not file it in your income tax return. DUH!

He played a good game then but it looks like the good games biting him in his ass now.

Yahoo! News - 'Survivor' Winner Hatch No Match for IRS

Tuesday, January 18, 2005 sucks?

It's been more than a month since two of my four pieces of deck furniture arrived. And I have been seething here writing angry emails to the no-name customer service person who has done nothing except apologize. Well, yesterday, while exchanging an email directly with the furniture lady ( who has been more than patient with me, surprised me... well, ok, shocked me (I practically fell off my seat when I read her email) that has found my two missing pieces!!! Well well well :D I called the 1-800 to the trucking company and sure enough, Kathy wasn't making it up! So it's supposed to be delivered this morning between 10am and noon. We shall see. In my mind, I'm thinking... "nah, probably the wrong pieces" but I'm hoping against all hope that my deck will soon look like the way I want it to be. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 17, 2005

TOO Funny!!!

If any of you are avid fans of the Amazing Race, you will only be too familiar with the screaming abuse this couple entertains us with each week. Now, you are able to read all about his excuse for his behaviour towards his wife and other people in the race.

First of all, words cannot describe how anyone can explain Jonathan Baker nor his wife Victoria Fuller... both are obnoxious and stupid but I can't decide who is more stupid. The one who screams more or the one who takes it and remains the spouse. Yet, they claim to be very happy. You can only imagine the fights behind close doors :)

He can take all the responsibility he wants. He's still a numbskull and definitely an asshole HAHAHAHAHA! By the way, the 'illness' he says he had was just some inflamed organ. Boo hoo!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Three Entertaining Movies

In the last two weeks, I have seen 'Meet the Fockers', 'Spanglish' and last night, 'In Good Company'. If you enjoy going to the movies, a laugh, few tears (well if you're a mother you might cry at 'Spanglish' but I didn't hee hee) and just enjoy being entertained, these are three fun movies to see.

DO NOT waste your money, NOT EVEN for a matinee (prices have gone up again by 50 cents to $6.00)... DO NOT SEE 'Oceans Twelve'. It's a sad sad follow up to Oceans 11 (which was awesome!). Not even having Brad Pitt or George Clooney helped. I also hated 'Sideways'. I think only older single men... or stupid younger single men will enjoy it... I can't believe how many awards it's been nominated for and won. YUK! Ugly men, unattractive women, slow, unmoving and just downright boring. My slow life in Memphis is more exciting then this movie.

Will tell you how 'The Aviator' is when I see it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Do You Get Paid...

not by your job or your boss or even the government... but do you get paid by your boyfriend or husband to do or not do certain things?!

My longtime very good girlfriend from back home called me yesterday and we had the usual fun, funny long phone conversation. As usual, she nagged about how lucky I am not having to work and how my life that is filled with household chores, lots of travelling, lots of fun with friends and time with my husband sickens her. OK, not the household chores and cooking part but the rest, yes. We went on to talk about her life, her boyfriend (of almost two years - and that is a record since her divorce) and how she hates (yes, she used the H-word HATE) ALL her boyfriend's friends. So whenever he wants to go out with them, he gives her money. Yes, she gets paid so he can hang out with his friends. Let's say she's very ummm... outspoken and gregarious when it comes to getting the message across. When she doesn't want to go out with him and his friends or the boyfriend going out with his friends alone, he knows it well in advance. Getting things the way she wants has always been one of her strong point. I sometimes (note, it's only SOMETIMES) admire her strength. I've known her since we were little 8 yr old girls swimming at the country club... we both left home early to come to America to go to school 'coz we suck at our second language... and we are both with caucasian boys LOL. I think the similarity stops there... she's tall and thin and I'm... not :) She's super active, and I'm... well... far from it. The list goes on but it's too early to think. Ok, thinking just isn't included in my daily agenda these days... and I have no problem with it. I just wish I got paid not to think :D

Monday, January 10, 2005


We got some outdoor furniture from Porches and Yards ( and they shipped it via Well, guess what?! Two of our four pieces arrived and the other two have gone missing somewhere. Either they can't count or someone's a big ass thief! They are humongous boxes that have gone missing and no one in that freakin' company can track it. What in the world are tracking numbers for?! I have heard over and over again, "you will hear from our manager" but have I!? NOT A PEEK! I am annoyed that now I have to wait another 10 weeks for the furniture to be reordered. I just want to get my money back and go out and get the same set here in Memphis that cost double the price!!! IDIOTS! ...and I'd make them pay for it!

How Will I Go On???

Last night, we got ready to watch yet another of our favourite reality tv show and was surprised that it wasn't playing at it's usual timeslot of 8pm. After three weeks of holiday season crap, I was ready for some hilarious and stupid 'My Fat Obnoxious Boss'. Well, I guess the 'stupid' part didn't help the ratings. I think there are just way too many reality tv shows out there that this one got overlooked. But how could they have cancelled this show?! They have stupider shows like 'The Big Losers', 'The Will'... I don't really have to name them all to make my point. But I'm upset. This show was so funny(!!!), made a complete fool of all the contestants... and now I will never find out if the 'person' making the decision at the end of each show, the 'person' who eliminates each contestant each week, is a chimpanzee!!! Arrgh! How will i go on?! :(

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Americans are the BIGGEST busy bodies around. For one, Richard Gere, known by most of us people from the so-called civilized world from his list of movies (good and not so good) as Mr Hot and Sexy... and to my husband, I-don't-look-like-RichardGere-
even-when-I-don't-dye-my-hair (long story). Whatever the reason he did it for, whoever he thought he said it for... it's a bunch of crap! Who does he think he is (hot as he is) to speak for the rest of the world? I didn't get the call to see if I'd like him to speak for me??? How would you Americans like it if some Palestinian or ok, some English (quasi famous guy) comes along and says the same thing to you right before the elections? Besides, look at who you voted to be your own bloody President. JOKE! Come on already!!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


'Do' in Memphis, pronounced as 'doh/doe', has possibly the worst wanna-be Japanese food in the world! This is compared to the ones I've had outside Japan (of course), outside Asia, and in US cities far away from any matter of water! Outside of all possible realm of bad, tasteless (as in absolutely no taste, doesn't even taste like fish or fake fish for that matter) sushi. If you like Do, then you can't possibly know or like what Japanese food or Japanese-wannabe food is or what they are about. If you like Do, then you can't possibly have very good taste for any form of tasty Japanese food because almost nothing there is. The two times we were there, the first time voluntarily and the second via inviation, we had nothing good nor good enough to remember!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

...a subdued difference to bringing in a new year but last night's celebration was a nice family event spent with the Sgolombises and the O'Donnells. My family away from family. It was very nice. Just to be with Bruce and good friends and their family.

I will try to be better with my blog entries this year... I'm sure now that I'm going to be a year older (arrgh), there will, no doubt, be more complaints. Truth be said, everyday, I thank my lucky stars for having someone as awesome as Bruce in my life. Even when I get, in his own words, 'cranky', I love the man with my every ounce of being (and we all know that's a lot of ounces in this body LOL)

Here is to a good year ahead for everyone, luck, prosperity, health... of course, we all want to be happy and very safe.