Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Stupid Stupid Stupid

just as if we saw/heard a whiteboy speaking arabic, swahilee (sp) or a chinese speaking hebrew, we'd be surprised and curious to comment. it's not being chinese or being ang moh. if the people in taiwan and hong kng don't react to them westerners speaking a chinese language, it's 'coz they don't give a phuck! it has nothing to do with being chinese, american, brit or dutch! these ang moh's need to learn the psyche of us singaporeans. english is our first language. we speak it in school, we use it to converse with one another and we're very comfortable in and around it. we don't look down upon the chinese language (that's just a silly thing to even say!) but a lot of us use it only in chinese classes or with our older relatives. for crying out loud, if we speak to you in english, you complain. if we don't speak english, you complain. what do you want us to do?!?!

S'pore Chinese too ang moh, says ang moh - JUNE 30, 2004

Monday, June 28, 2004

The Heat... The BBQ... The Familiarity...

Despite the fact that it's been raining all week while we were away, it wasn't pleasant to come back to this heat and humidity. I'm already missing the fantastic weather in SF. But, I won't deny that it's SO nice to be home. No matter how comfortable the hotels boasts of their beds, they're not ours.

It was nice to see Melissa and Ben in SF. We had an ok meal at Sakana; it was impossible to make a last minute reservation anywhere with the influx of people for the gay pride parade... Margaret Cho was performing at the comedy club too and that's been fully booked for weeks ahead! Can't wait to catch up with Mel again on the gossips in a couple of weeks :)

We had a quiet Sunday. The husband stayed in bed on the computer most of the day and then accompanied me to the stores. Yes, it's nice to be driving on familiar roads, going to famialir places and eating yummy Memphis BBQ again. Hard to imagine this city girl can actually get used to and like it here... I'm sure my friends reading this back home would find it hard to fathom.

Well, it's yet another Monday - not that it makes a lot of difference to me what day of the week it is. Got to get back to my routine and back on the darn exercise machines somehow hahaha!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Don't Believe the Hype

Why do non muslims convert to islam? women especially!! i just don't understand it. not even after reading the articles below! it just seems far fetched and silly. as far as i'm concerned, only serious brain damage can lead a woman of dull sense onto that path. of course, i already know there are a lot of stupid people out there who are not legally insane who do it...

when my very beautiful, wild and known for her party-girl status friend met this 'hot' american guy on the internet, within months, she flew to the u.s without letting her family know, met the guy physically and got married within weeks by some muslim official. he has since led her from her non-islam upbringing into one that is filled with religious classes and of course, her muslim sisters. she dons the head piece in the midst of a big not exactly cosmopolitan u.s city where everyone stares and she can't understand why and gets upset. she wears nothing that reveals her shoulders and anything that doesn't cover her calves. all she is allowed to show is her perfect features on her beautiful face and perfect complexion. she cannot do things she used to enjoy, like going dancing at a club even tho' her husband continues such acts. his excuse is because she is now a muslim woman and needs to know her place. all this for a man who vows to make her happy?!? how happy can anyone in their right mind be coming from a westernized country, middle class upbringing and once upon a time, of sound mind?!

when i went to visit and stayed in their living room, i realized her husband had gone through my luggage. yes, without my permission! at that time, she was banned by her husband from eating junk food. he took MY junk food out of my luggage and left it on the kitchen counter and said nothing. what a creep! when i told her this, she as-a-matter-of-factly told me that that's how her husband is. i was, obviously, horrified and disgusted.

when the club in bali was bombed and killed many, she called to tell me it was an act by the americans... so her husband tells her as he'd read it in a foriegn newspaper (but couldn't tell me which) and whatever her husband says is, of course, unquestionable. there is a reason why we are no more in contact...

why do good people end up with idiots might be a good question. or how do the muslim men find all the idiot non-muslims to brainwash then might be another good one. or why don't enough muslim women question their believes; or their parents'/husbands' believes...

questioning is a good thing and if a fool like me can do it, those people out there need to start as well.

Why Western Women Choose Islam - The Islamic Garden

Thursday, June 24, 2004


we went back to 'ozumo' on the first night. dad loved it and said it was the best sashimi he'd ever eaten. of course, the best toro he was pointing to wasn't even the best. maybe chu toro at best. i can't wait to go back to japan and have some serious o toro - yummerlicious! :) we always have a good time at 'ozumo'. they have a seriously good list of sake, service is good and food is excellent!

yesterday for lunch, we went to the 'swan oyster bar'. my my my... it's AWESOME. it's not one of those fou-fou places where they name their counter seats (raw bar) where you eat your oysters/seafood. this is downright basic bar counter that might seat 20 comfortably, cash only, and worth every cent of your money. the clam chowder is oh-so-good and the oysters yummy and creamy. i'd have to admit however, i'm used to the size of those down in new orleans but the ones out here sure don't lack the taste! the crab salad is seriously crab heaven. very very friendly servers/owners behind the counter. screw those take-out counters at fisherman's wharf. this is the real deal!!!

last night was early dinner at 'boulevard'. yet another very good eatery. new american food! the crab ravioli is unbelievable. it's not one of those places that you're there for quantity (you're not at the cheesecake factory) but the quality of ingrediants, the mix of taste is superb! the service is gonna' make you want to tip more than usual and unless you only have a party of two and are very early, don't even try to go there without a reservation. there is a reason why on a tuesday and wednesday, the best we could do was a 6:15pm slot.

today dad leaves... i'd start my shopping spree :) he's done his fair share of shopping; it's my turn. got my aim on some stuff at gucci, saks and neiman. i'd have to take my pick at two out of the three bags. of course nordstrom started their sale yesterday. decisions decisions!! ferragamo starts their sale tomorrow so that'll have to wait. speaking of which, two very african sounding black men walked into the ferragamo store yesterday when i was there asking in their very thick accent what their price range was. the hot italian sounding salesman took four almost embarassing repeats before he could understand the question. i was fun to look busy checking out this AWESOME fushia (the IN color for fall, by the way) tote and matching wallet and trying to not laugh aloud. i'm glad 'most' normal people understand me :)

i think we're having dim sum at yank sing today and who knows where dinner will take us...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Gay Pride Week in SF

i never knew there were so many indians in memphis... yes yes, the indians with the dot on their forehead. i rarely talk about the american ones. there were ma ma's every bloody where i turned at the airport coming to sf. funniest thing is, this american dude was on the phone with his son (i hope) and kept asking him to say 'ma ma'. for those not from singapore, ma ma is a word we call indians. it's not exactly derogatory but it's not exactly flattering either. 'can you call mama, can you call mama?!' saying this facing the group of 47 indian men, women and too many children eating what seemed like unpopped popcorn YUK! i couldn't help but snicker trying hard to contain my LOUD laugh...

so it's mid 60s, sunny, somewhat windy in the city... so what are we doing in the hotel room? i don't know... just one of those blah feeling days i suppose. i saw my dad... he shook my hands... yes he shook my phucking hands. WTF?!?!? no hugs no nothing. we were walking on our way from the bart to the hotel with our luggages and he asked if we'd just bought some new bags. HUH!?!?! i don't know if he's confused or was simply trying to confuse us... oh well, long story... bruce and i checked into the pan pacific (on the cross dresser package - we're not even asking so don't ask us) and it's a nice hotel... nice enough... at least the bedspreads have no freakin' flowers on them :) i hate flower print duvets!!! had a nice quick lunch at bruce's favourite sf restaurant, henry's hunan on broadway and sansome, got dad transferred out of the westin over to where we are and we so we're 'resting'. i should be out shopping but i suppose there is always time tomorrow to spend money.

bruce is watching tv. seinfeld. i'm slowly losing him to z-land :) the poor guy... came here against his own will hahahaha. he loves me :D

not much exciting going on as you can tell... i'd go take a nap. maybe i'd gain enough energy for another firm handshake in case dad might like to shake my phucking hands again; must be overly thrilled to see me.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


In the last eighteen months, three of my girlfriends from back home who are each sitting on a different corner of the world have called to ask me 'can you keep a secret'. yes i can if i want to geez... but why are they all calling ME to tell me they're cheating on their husbands??? it's discouraging, disgusting and honestly, i'd rather not know. it's not hot gossip to me and i'm wondering where did i go wrong in picking my friends when i was a kid. i mean, i've known these girls for at least a decade!

oddly enough, these adulterers are all products of cheating fathers. what would the phsychiatrists say??? they know it's a horrible thing to do i'm sure. they've got to; they have seen their mothers hurt and go through excruciating heartaches. yet, they're invigorated by this new man who brings excitement to their lives. i have tried to dissuade all of them. i told my caller last night that it was stupid and she wasn't being fair to her husband... but did she listen? she's decided they're going to take a short weekend rendezvous together. honestly, i think she told me last night in the midst of my deep sleep because the young, free and single me would have found this piece of news exciting. i might have even stupidly enough, given her that final jolt to think being happy in a marriage was the husband's job; not understanding what a real comittment, what true love, what hurting the person you love, the person who loves you back with all his heart might be go through when (not if) they found out. but i'm no more that girl... i'm a happily married woman who knows she's married the right man and the man of her dreams.

so why am i so upset by this particular call/caller? i mean, people cheat... i've known that for a very long time. but i haven't been able to go back to deep sleep since this call some six hours ago. i'm puzzled by my reaction... and i'm annoyed at myself for letting it affect me.

i warned her of the consequences... she's already talking about winning custody of her kids if the worst happens. she's gone off the deep end. i hope she doesn't update me in this relationship of hers. maybe she won't since i wasn't exactly being very encouraging over the phone. still, i seem to be the only person she claims she's told; someone whom she claims she can trust. well i told her i'd tell bruce - after all, he was sitting next to me in bed listening to all my response to her and knew exactly what was going on. after i got off the phone, all he said was 'are you the only non-cheating singaporean girl?'. i defensively started counting the girls who haven't. THREE. three of my close enough girlfriends out of more than 10 (the others cheated awhile back thus got my other response).

i wish people who cheat understand that having a relationship with someone else isn't going to resolve the problem with the person you're married to. i mean, you really don't have to be einstein to realize that right? i mean, it's a no brainer. they need to watch dr phil!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's The King's Birthday!!!

I have to call my mother-in-law (mil) today to thank her for raising a man to be who is he today... my father always told us on our birthdays that mothers are the ones who should be celebrated; not us :) Of course, he never did celebrate his own mother so we continued the 'old tradition' of having the happy-birthday-to-me attitude.

Now that I'm married to this awesomely good man, I can see dad's point of view... I see the husband at times in my mil no matter how much he refuses to admit it. It's almost endearing sometimes how he claims he cannot be any more different. The truth is, this boy is his mother's son through and through. I love him for that. She's a very nice lady and I know she loves me because I make her son happy. How many daughters-in-law can honestly admit that or even know that. She's super nice to me, buys me little presents constantly (albeit not really my style, it's really the thought that counts) and says things that sometimes drives her son insane and makes me laugh. She's sweet, stubbornly independent and smart. She's in her 70s and still has a full time job. That's a lot more than what I can say for myself :s

Today is my husband's birthday! This must be the 7th birthday of his that we're spending together... where have the years gone? I know... the first two and a half years we were dating, the next one and a half I was chasing after him (hahahaha, yes, truly and hard!) and then eventually, he gave in and married me :D Life is good: for me and him, I know.

I haven't gotten him a birthday present. He seems to have it all. He has me, doesn't he :D I offered to get him a couple of things but he seemed bored with the ideas. A new cellphone (the one he has look like it's been through a whole lot; talk about a used and half damaged phone), a new set of golf clubs (since the fools in his Dallas apt stole it from his parking space when he had to pick me up from the airport when I was visiting from Arizona four years ago)... so here I am... no present for my favourite man on his day. :( Yeah I feel bad but I've tried. I did get a card though :)

I wished him a happy birthday at 1am when I woke up and heard him typing feverishly on this laptop. He's deeeeeeep in sleep now. It's only 4:58am. I'd go make some fresh fried rice for him. That should start his day well enough :)